The Museum (House), Windmill and Barn



John Bauman and Anna Barbara Claus immigrated from Germany in 1847 and first settled in Ohio, where 3 children were born to them. In 1854, they moved to Jefferson Township in Polk County. Their son, John Henry Bauman was born in October, 1855. John H. Bauman married Mary Friar and built the "Simpson House" on his land. The house was finished in 1902.

Their youngest daughter, Laura, married E. J. Garlock. Laura Bauman Garlock inherited the house and land and they planted a large orchard. The corner of 86th and 70th was known as Garlock's Corner.

The original barn, built as a dairy barn and made of lumber, burned down in the mid 1930's. Grandsons of John and Mary Bauman rebuilt the barn using clay tiles for the ground floor walls. The new barn was built in 1936.

In 1955, Laverne and Shirley Simpson bought the house, farm and orchard. For a number of years they continued to maintain the orchard and to sell apples. In 1975, the Simpsons built a house across the street and kept the house to rent to friends and family. In March 2001, the Simpsons signed an agreement donating the house, barn and windmill to the Johnston (Station) Historical Society to be moved and used as a museum and community events center.