Johnston Community School District History


1852 - Brothers, Moses and John Lawson arrived and donated land for a school (Valley School which was located one mile east of current Lawson Elementary). The current Lawson Elementary was named after John Lawson.

1914 - Four rural schoolhouses consolidated to form a new district called The Independent Consolidated School District of Webster and Jefferson Townships of Polk County Iowa". The four schools that joined together where Valley Grade School (located one mile east of present Lawson Elementary); Friars Grade School (located one quarter mile west of the present high school); Ridgedale Grade School (located across from Hyperion); and Rider School (located in the far southwestern comer of the present school district).

1915 - A new K-9 building was built on land donated by Ben McKee family (where the fire station now sits)

1917 - Siebert Grade School (located in west Johnston) was added to the school district and the district name was changed to "The Consolidated Independent District of Johnston, Iowa"

1919 - School became a K-12 building.

1920 - First high school graduation held and school certified as an accredited high school

1932 - The first school student council was organized and the school colors were changed from blue and white to yellow and blue and later to purple and gold.

1943 - Mr. Hobart A- Ross donated land and a home to care for boys with nowhere else to go. It was called the Y.M.C.A. Boys Home of Iowa. The name changed to Youth Homes of Mid-America in 1987. JCSD currently has an education facility that is used on campus for education of students that must remain on campus.

1950 - Due to growth and lack of space, some students attended classes at the barracks at Camp Dodge until 1968

1958 - An elementary school was built and called Johnston Elementary. It was the north wing of the current Lawson Elementary prior to the south wing being added in 1968 and remodeled in 1998

1962 - The school district was expanded with acquisition of the Herrold District and name changed to "The Johnston Community Schools"

1968 - South wing added to Lawson Elementary

1968 - School district purchased building at corner of 62nd and 59th Court. It was a warehouse and administrative offices. This building was torn down in 2000

1974 - High School built at current location with additional rooms added over next five years with additional space added in 1994

1985 - Middle School built at current location and remodeled in 1990

1985 - Old schoolhouse (that was located where fire station is now) was demolished

1988 - Wallace Elementary was built at current location with an addition in 1990

1990 - School district offices move to building west of Wallace Elementary

2000 - Beaver Creek Elementary built and opens doors

2000 - District purchases Pioneer building to become Johnston Administrative Resource Center, housing district-wide staff and departments

2001 - Horizon Elementary built and opens doors

2004 - Summit Middle School built and opens doors. This facility includes the first indoor pool for the district.